Opening your wedding album immediately brings back all the memories. How beautiful would it be if your family and your friends brought back these memories to you and those stories bundled into a poem? That way, your wedding day will become a lasting memory, a Souvenir d'Amitié.

You have been married for 5, 10, 25 or even 50 years. What a wonderful moment to stop and celebrate! Naturally, you prefer to do this in a way that suits you. How about if I capture the special moments your family and friends experienced with you and write a poem about them? Recite that at your party in front of everyone. And where everyone gets a little poem about that special memory of yours? I outline two ideas below. Of course, much more is possible and I can create a beautiful tailor-made gift.

*At your party, all the guests come to me and I make a special poem out of all those memories on the spot, which I recite during the party.

*Prior to your party, I have contact with all the guests and based on this contact I write a poem which I recite to you at the party.


I’d love to listen to you and turn your story into a warm, kind and lovely ceremony.