Are you getting married soon, want to say a vow to each other or have you been married for 5, 10 or maybe 12.5 years? Would you like a personal ceremony in a special location? A ceremony accompanied by a wedding officiant who tells stories with heart and soul?

Stories of love and happiness. How special they are. Because every encounter, every spark, every attraction between two people is different. When you want to seal your love for each other and say YES to each other, that moment deserves a story. A Soulstory. I tell wedding stories in an ánother way. No chronological overviews of events. Personal stories full of passion, with a smile and a tear and interspersed with passages from your life, unknown and well-known books, poems, films, music and art. I create the ceremony for you, tuning in to what you find important. More and more couples choose to say their own wedding vows. That is always special. And do you need help with that? I am happy to serve you!

So if you want to say YES in the setting of a special story, say YES to Soulstories. I am a wedding officiant in the municipality of Eindhoven and if you want me to marry you in Eindhoven, you can indicate your preference to the municipality. I may marry couples all over the Netherlands and officiate your ceremony anywhere in the world.

Do you love each other so much and want to say YES to each other again? Have there been circumstances where it mattered? Have you been married for 3, 7, 10, or 14 years? Celebrate life and say yes to each other again in a ‘renewal of the vows’ ceremony. All ceremonies are tailor-made by me.


If you want to say YES in the setting of a special story, say YES to #Soulstories.

The way I work

A no-obligation meeting is the first step and for that first meeting I usually receive couples at my place in Eindhoven. In our meeting, I tell you everything you need to know and you can ask any questions you may have.

If you then decide that I can marry you, I confirm the appointment in writing and a down payment follows. I will come to your home about two months before your wedding day. We will have a longer conversation together and I will get an impression of your life together. We will shape the wedding ceremony together and you will also be given a number of questions to answer alone and together. If you wish, I can also speak to family members, witnesses or friends and hear from them what makes you so beautiful together. On the wedding day, I will be at the wedding venue an hour beforehand and will perform your wedding ceremony, which usually lasts 45 minutes.


If you want me to design your ceremony, we will discuss together which ingredients should have a place in it. Based on your wishes, I will make you an offer. If I have to be appointed in a municipality outside Eindhoven, there will be a fee. If you want to organise an extensive ceremony abroad (or have it organised), I will be happy to think along with you. Would you like me to speak to more people to give the ceremony even more body? Or would you like me to write poems for you, have a certain ritual incorporated in the ceremony or something else? I will be happy to brainstorm with you to create a beautiful, fitting and above all personal ceremony.


I’d love to listen to you and turn your story into a warm, kind and lovely ceremony.