Linde is the host, saying something. In the center are the bride and groom laughing.
The bride and groom make eye contact and smile at each other.
Linde is the host, saying something with the bride and groom sitting and smiling.
"Linde is amazing! She is a super lovely woman with a wonderfully soothing voice. She likes to think along and prepares down to the last detail. And even when it turned out that the groom's sister had to miss the wedding due to illness, Linde was fine with doing the ceremony again on another date, what a great person! Best ceremony speaker ever!"
- Barbara en Joep
“Linde made our wedding ceremony so much more special by incorporating elements that had personal meaning for us and our family members. She was eloquent and witty with a great sense of fun, always masterfully weaving multiple stories into a coherent whole. We enjoyed the ceremony so much we didn’t even have time to feel nervous! Linde set the tone for our whole celebration and comes highly recommended for your special day.”

- Levent and Christina
"Sometimes you meet someone with whom you experience a special click from the very first moment. Linde ten Broek is such a person for us. As a wedding officiant, she flawlessly sensed the essence of our wedding day and expressed it in a beautifully personal poem. Partly thanks to her input, we can gratefully look back on a very successful and memorable day. The contact with Linde was not a coincidence but was meant to be... or was it? We wish her all the best and much success!"
- Ineke Ligtvoet and Huub Heuvelmans
"Dear Linde, What a wonderful, radiant and warm happy person you were for us.... We still often got the question; where do you find such an officiant? What a nice, warm and attuned person. There were only compliments and beautiful words about you, and rightly so! Thanks again for your pure soul and presence. You connected us (in the) inimitable way and we are deeply grateful."
- Rik en Inge
"Our wedding day was made even more special by Linde's beautiful words. Touching, emotional, sensitive, funny; everything we discussed was expressed in a very beautiful way by Linde. We look back on our beautiful wedding day with so much love!"
-Dorianne en Eric
"Linde made our wedding day really special. The ceremony was anything but standard. She listened (and observed) very carefully to who we are. And so formed a ceremony that suited us exactly. Cheerful, sparkling and at the right moments intimate and personal. A joke here and there and also some beautifully poignant poems. She also contributed to the whole form, setting and structure. And helped us articulate our own stories. And all in a superrelaxed atmosphere. She unburdens and inspires confidence."
- Robbert-Frank en Richard
"We would like to thank you immensely for your role in our wedding. We are truly convinced that without you the ceremony would not have become so beautiful. We are very happy with your guidance and enthusiasm during the preparation for the big day. Thanks to your approach, we had a lot of fun during the beautiful ceremony that was and will remain of great significance for both of us in the future. Which has a fantastic sequel with the official sealing of our happiness and love for each other from your hand."
-Lisa en Jelmer van der Wal
"We would like to thank you again through this way for the way you designed our ceremony. Thanks to your creativity, personal approach and warmth, we had a very beautiful intimate ceremony. We look back on it with a special feeling ourselves and have heard the same from many family members and friends, with a lot of praise for you. Thanks again, also for the beautiful closing poem!"
-Karolien & Joep Schalkx

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