Linde bij de Mispelhoef
Linde bij de Mispelhoef

I am a storyteller, podcast maker, writer and wedding officiant. I love personal stories where everything can be named. Stories with highs and lows. Stories about real people, in other words. I have written five books, in 2011 the children’s book Gina and the red bird, in 2014 Mothers & Daughters, in 2018 A journey around the world in 9 stories, and in 2020 Cooking with your heart, soups from our homeland and my second children’s book The shy fish Ferdinand. Mothers & Daughters I wrote to cope with my mother’s unexpected death. Writing that down and seeking out the stories of other mothers and daughters helped me immensely. Writing worked healing for me, and also for the women I interviewed.

My inspiration comes from nature, countless theatre performances, dance performances, music and unexpected encounters with people who come my way. Suddenly, I am then deeply touched and that produces a writing flow and just like that, three poems. In 2017 and in 2020, I was nominated for City Poet of Eindhoven. I came second twice and that stimulated me even more to keep on writing. About highs and lows, about love, life and death. About what amazes me and touches me.

I invite you to be completely yourself so I can get to know you as you are.

I invite you to be completely yourself so I can get to know you as you are. Every moment deserves a story. I dive in and let the words flow. I make them especially for you and always with heart and soul.

Watch the TV programme Rose Smell and Moonshine that I made about a couple with a very special love story here:

Linde is the host, saying something. In the center are the bride and groom laughing.
Kelsey en haar lief en Linde
Linde is the host, saying something with the bride and groom sitting and listening.
Linde is the host, announcing something. Her right hand extended forward. The bride and groom stood on the left and right of her.
Linde is the host, saying something. Married couple sitting and listening.
Linde stood for a photo together with the bride and groom. Behind them is a white tent and a garden.
tie the knot
The bride and groom walked out the door to people congratulation them.


I’d love to listen to you and turn your story into a warm, kind and lovely ceremony.