A wedding ceremony should suit you and may be completely filled with your rituals. After all, the only thing that is really compulsory at a wedding are the Yes words and the signing of the certificate. As for the rest, you can (have) everything tailor-made yourself.

Personalised Yes

More and more often, the bride and groom pronounce their own vows just before the official Yes. This makes the ceremony very personal.


How nice it is when all those present give a wish to the bride and groom’s rings. This makes it a ritual of everyone together.

Everyone at the wedding holds the same long thread.
tie the knot

Tie the knot/handfasting

This is originally a Celtic ceremony where the hands of the bride and groom are tied together and connected with coloured ribbons or a beautiful piece of string. Handfasting is a beautiful ritual that we can shape together to suit you exactly.


I’d love to listen to you and turn your story into a warm, kind and lovely ceremony.