Sometimes your desire to get married comes from a totally unexpected place. After all, one of you does not have long to live and you would like everything to be legally settled. At such times, an emergency wedding is an option. Within 24 hours, you can say yes to each other. For example, at your home, in the hospital or in a hospice. That location then becomes a “House of congregation” during the ceremony.

I am grateful that I can mean something to a couple at that moment from my role as wedding officiant. Then I feel so much that everything is about connection and unconditional love. 

Often these ceremonies are very intimate, with little text. Then it really comes down to which words I choose.

If you want to talk about this, please contact me. I am happy to listen to your wishes.

To legally arrange an emergency wedding, contact the municipality where you live. Let them know that you would like me to marry you.

flowers in vases and books on the table

Love never ceases to exist. 

Last Wish Marriage

It is 10 a.m. and my phone rings. The number on the display shows that it is a colleague from civil affairs. She calls me when a wedding needs to be performed urgently, and this time it is. Preferably it must be done today because the bride will die very soon.

I immediately call the contact person of the bride and groom, listen to the story and together we discuss the form of a short appropriate ceremony.

Inside me I feel all kinds of things and after the conversation I sit down, close my eyes and put a book and a pen beside me. From the silence I see the ceremony more and more clearly before me, a short poem emerges. I feel calm and focused.

In the afternoon, I get on my bike and ride to the couple’s house. The family and witnesses are all already there. Children and grandchildren, flowers are everywhere.

Before closing the wedding I ask if anyone wants to say anything and the bride looks directly at me. Yes, she does, very much so. The words she utters next are soft and beautiful. The room has gone silent. Love fills the whole room. I see red cheeks, tears and I too am touched by this moment full of love for life and each other.

After the ceremony, I cycle home at a very slow pace and call my partner to share this moment. I have to cry because these ceremonies where the end is near are so about life and the now. I find it a privilege to guide and lead these kinds of ceremonies. And I know for sure, love never ceases to exist.


I’d love to listen to you and turn your story into a warm, kind and lovely ceremony.