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Everybody has a story that wants to be told.

Every day, when I meet a Couple that want to marry is special.
Everybody has precious moments that made them love each other.
Silently hidden in people’s hearts.
Eyes that twinkle, warm, open hearts.
Small or more big moments that love to be shared and carried in a wedding ceremony,
especially made for you.

Love stories, how beautiful they are to hear and share.
I love those stories with all my heart.
And you know, the moments that bring people together have always something special.
And every time I hear those moments, they are different.
Because the energy between two people is always a different and a special one.
I do believe in love.
I do believe in ceremonies that are thankful for
the people that surround the couple.
The parents, the best friends, the children.
Everybody has a special role and meaning.
Do you know why you met that person you fell in love with?

Your marriage, your words of LOVE and your YES need a special story,

The stories I write are full of energy, with humor, told with passion
and from the deepest of my heart.
Personal stories where you find your life story shared by me.
Based upon your life, your connection, your passions,
your songs, your favorite quotes and energy.
For every couple I write a poem.
With words that come to me when I open myself to your story.

Colorful LOVE Stories
I love ceremonies that come from your family,
your culture, your background.
I always give space for those special rituals, and I always learn from you.
And because I am interested in the way people come together and celebrate LOVE,
I am writing a book, full of photos about the ways we say YES to each other.
A book for and about colorful souls.
A book full of SOULSTORIES.
You can order it right now and it will be published in 2019.

I am a wedding officiant in Eindhoven,
The Netherlands and can official marry you in the Netherlands.
If you love to have a ceremony after your official wedding,
or want to say YES again to each other,
I can write and tell your story everywhere in the world.

Personal wedding vow
More and more people like to share a personal wedding vow to each other as well.
I love that. I never can say those words the way you will feel them.
So, do that! I will love to help you with that if you need so.

My rate as a wedding officiant in The Netherlands is € 997, –
(inclusive 21 % VAT, exclusive travel costs).

This includes: 

* an appointment at your place where you can tell your stories to me. I will have a lot of questions, so you do not have to prepare something, just be yourself and let the conversation unfold.

* After this appointment I will send you some questions by email, you answer them without knowing what the other is writing about you.
* Interviewing 2 more people who can say more about you.
* Preparing the speech.
* The speech at your wedding day (around 45 minutes).
* The official and legal wedding ceremony.
* A poem especially made for you.
* After the speech you will get the story and the poem packed in a nice box. 

Would you like to have the ceremony abroad? I will love to travel with you to your special place. Please give me a call and I will create a special ceremony for

Linde ten Broek
I love to hear and tell stories.
That’s why I love my profession as a wedding officiant, storyteller and poet.
I can not remember any moment without books, poems or stories. They have always been with me. And since I am a wedding officiant in The Netherlands,
I do feel more and more connected to the difference of all cultures and rituals we have.
I was born in Amsterdam and now live in Eindhoven
with my two cats Peter Pan and Chica Coco Chanel.

Every day I practise yoga and do some hiking or cycling through nature.
And I love the sea shore.
I wrote two childrensbooks, a book about the relationship between mothers and daughters, a cookbook with recipes of refugees and a book with 9 stories of people who obtained the Dutch nationality. 

Looking forward to meeting you. Have a Be You Ti Ful day!
XXX Linde

Meet me

Do you want to know who I am? How I write, how my voice sounds and how I tell the stories?? Call me at +31 653321131 or send me an email,

Will you share a part of your story with me? What is for example your special moment?

I love to hear your story!

Have a Be You Ti Ful day!